2019 New Mini Karaoke Microphone

2019 New Mini Karaoke Microphone

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  • Signal to noise ratio: Large 58Db (More than 60Db)
  • Body length: 6.4cm
  • Impedance: ≤2.2K
  • Frequency response: 20~16000Hz
  • Standard operating voltage:1.5-12V
  • Microphone diameter: 1.5CM
  • Pointing feature: all point
  • Net weight:about 20g
  • Sensitivity: -47dB/P±3d
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Product details of 2019 New Mini Karaoke Microphone With Earphone & Sponge Cover Mobile & Computer -Mini Microphone

  • Integrated design technology with tensile audio cable and micro tube body
  • Perfect surface spray processing technology, feel more upscale
  • Use range: laptop desktop computer tablet TV karaoke smart phone, etc.(with3.5mm jack)
  • 3.5 dual-channel plug, the same interface as ordinary MP3/4 computer headset, suitable for any computer model
  • Mobile phone tablet: need to be used with adapter cable(Not included)
  • Equipped with a simple microphone microphone stand for different usage requirements, it can be used as a network communication tool to use technical
  • Unidirectional, anti-noise, high-standard condenser microphone core, can be used as computer recording equipment